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Delicious food has always been a part of the Vincek family tradition. Keeping alive their Czech heritage, Cheryl Vincek Failla has been running the bakery part of the store since it's beginning. Cheryl bakes a variety of fresh kolaches every morning for her faithful customers to stop by and enjoy on their way to work or school. Kolaches are a big part of the Vincek family and the East Bernard community. As for the Vinceks' kolaches, every afternoon Cheryl creates a new batch of dough, rolls it out and creates dough balls that will rise overnight. Cheryl and her mother, Lois, learned the art of baking kolaches from Aunt Mary Vincek and Grandma Tilley Vincek. Early every morning, Cheryl is at the store ensuring the perfect reproduction of the long standing Vincek family kolache recipe. Some family favorites include poppyseed, cream cheese, apricot, apple, cherry and the meat kolaches- ham & cheese and sausage. Another long-standing family favorite is Lois’ mom’s pecan pie recipe. Cheryl still keeps the bakery display stocked with Mimi’s pecan pies.

Other baked treats sold at Vincek's Smokehouse include kolache rolls (larger forms of the single serve kolache), homemade cinnamon rolls, cakes and cookies. Cheryl and her kitchen crew also keeps the BBQ line in stock of freshly baked bread.
Cheryl with a batch of freshly baked bread               The popular Vincek's pecan pie            Lois & Mary showing kolaches
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